User alias is created with delay



We have started using Revenue Cat to manage in-app purchases, but we are having trouble recovering purchases that were not made via RevenueCat on Android. We login the user via SDK using Purchases.sharedInstance.logInWith("our-custom-user-id"). We wait for a successful response and if the user is logged in for the first time, we call Purchases.sharedInstance.syncPurchases() to sync the purchases not made via RevenueCat. The problem is the "timeline" of events. See screenshot.

The webhook for the purchase was sent with an anonymous user ID because an alias was not created at the time. We are unable to sync purchases on our backend with an anonymous user id. Since the "SUBSCRIBER_ALIAS" webhook is deprecated, we are unable to wait for this webhook and sync purchases after that. Please help. Do you have any solution for this?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

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