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  • 21 November 2022
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After 10 rejections, I’m trying to get some help here. In my latest app, I’ve a $5/month subscription. Everything works fine when I compile using Xcode or distribute to my beta testers with TestFlight.
But when I submit the build to Apple, they alway (10 times!!!) reject it because of a “Unknown error.” after successful purchase. 

Here is the message they send every time:


Guideline 2.1 - Performance - App Completeness

An error message is produced when attempting to complete the in-app purchase transaction.

Please see attached screenshot(s) for details.


Thanks for your help!

3 replies

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Hey Francois,

This is a very frustrating situation, I understand how this feels. The good thing is that it works in TestFlight, so it’s very unlikely that there’s something wrong with your app. But sometimes the App Review team can have issues when reviewing your app, unrelated to your app. We discuss a lot of this here: We have seen that discussing your situation with them (the fact that it works in TestFlight, sandbox, etc.) is the best way forward.

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Are you still seeing this?  We have the same rejection from Apple with “Unknown Error”, even though everything is working correctly in Sandbox and XCode testing.


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I’m getting the same rejection. Error: Unkown Error. Has anyone figured this out?