Unable to resubscribe after expiration in TestFlight/sandbox environment (many related posts before without a solution)

  • 2 September 2022
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I have searched and read many posts regarding to my problem.

Many users encountered the same issue as mine. However, none of them received a solution or clear confirmation about this issue.

A new sandbox user works fine with the first purchase of a subscription item. But after expiration, if we want to resubscribe, it sometimes just fails.

More specifically, we are using https://github.com/RevenueCat/purchases-unity/releases/download/4.1.0/Purchases-UnityIAP.unitypackage with a Unity app.

When we click on a subscription button for a resubscription, the function PurchasePackage works fine without an error, but in the callback, we check customerInfo.Entitlements.Active.ContainsKey(entitlementId) and it is still false.

I think at least there should be a confirmation whether it only happens in TestFlight/sandbox environment or not?


1 reply

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I also submitted an issue to Github: https://github.com/RevenueCat/purchases-unity/issues/144