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  • 23 August 2021
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I’m testing out revenuecat and tried sending receipt data from the iOS app store for a couple of customers using the receipts endpoint. Revenuecat showed the transactions for the imported users correctly but the total spent for the imported customers shows as zero. I even tried adding the “price” property on the REST request to no avail.


Know what might be up? I need to migrate data for a few 1000 customers and so its critical that it work correctly.



1 reply

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Hi @Chris R!

When you click into the transaction event, do you see information about the price under the event details? It sounds like when you first sent over the receipt through the REST API, the “price” field wasn’t included. Be sure to include this field, as well as these other fields in our documentation when sending a receipt to the REST API. Was the receipt you sent over a production receipt or a sandbox receipt?