Synchronise purchases made outside of the app (redempt ios offer codes via URL) Backoff

  • 29 April 2023
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Hello, i came across a weird behavior using the offer code with url redirecting to app store

Environment: Testflight

I was charged for the offer, and when it clicked to open my app, nothing happened and revenue cat did not track the purchase

I already call sync purchases when the user returns back to the app

I was wondering if there is a time where the offer code redemption is not active yet and i call sync purchases in that time, or that maybe testflight does not track purchases, but i got charged, which is weird



2 replies

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Hey @Grana Serviços!

Just to confirm, your app was a TestFlight build but you went to the App Store to redeem an offer in production and were charged? If that’s the case, I think it’s expected behavior - the production receipt won’t be used in the TestFlight build, but I think if you download the app from the App Store and restore purchases you’d have access to the purchase.

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It makes sense, later i used production build with remote config to test for my user, and it was tracked accordingly, the only caveat is that i needed to close and open the app again for  sync purchases  to work for some reason, it didn’t track the purchase if i stayed on the app after redemption
Thanks for the answer, it is weird somehow that apple charges you for testing in testflight, but uses a testflight receipt… Anyway Thanks