Subscription upgrade/downgrade with RevenueCat paywall

  • 24 June 2024
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I want to support multiple subscription tiers (silver, gold, ...) for my Android App. The subscriptions grant a monthly token quotum, consumed by using the apps features. Different tiers grant different quota. I use the RevenueCat Paywall.

I have set up the different subscription tiers each with their own entitlement and currently have a single offering for all tiers.

I want customers to have only one subscription at a time, but have the ability to upgrade/downgrade the subscription tier. How would I implement that?

3 replies

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Hi! As you may have already seen, Google Play does not have an equivalent subscription group structure as Apple does to automatically handle this. You will need to handle the checking for a current subscription and the upgrading/downgrading to the new subscription within your app itself. We outline how to do so in this documentation: Let me know if you have any more specific questions on how to implement this or how to get the specific user experience that you would like.

hi @wes_clark , thanks for your answer, but the doc on the link you are provided is not very useful to beter understand how to do that ourselves, especially for react native etc…. This section don’t have a snippet.
Also, i am on the same case as @rikkert-b2374d , but for me i have using your Paywall feature  and present it using RevenueCatUI.presentPaywall().
Based on your response and the params that this function take, i can’t use it like how the doc says to handle this case ? So how can i do this ? 


@wes_clark Unfortunately the linked doc provides very little info for react-native users. Same with the doc on the referenced PurchaseParams.Builder .