Subscription promotional offer and StoreKit testing on iOS

  • 24 November 2021
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I’m trying to use StoreKit testing to test purchase of a promotional offer on a subscription product. I can purchase the initial subscription, but when I come to purchase the promotional offer I see the following error:


[Purchases] - DEBUG: ℹ️ PaymentQueue updatedTransaction: redacted (null) (Error Domain=SKErrorDomain Code=12 "(null)" UserInfo={NSUnderlyingError=0x600001f34390 {Error Domain=ASDServerErrorDomain Code=3903 "The server encountered an error" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=The server encountered an error}}}) (null) - 2


From what I can see, code 12 is a problem with the signature generated for the `SKPaymentDiscount`. Since generation of the signature is handled by the RevenueCat SDK, what are the options for me to fix the problem?


I have uploaded the public certificate to my RevenueCat dashboard. Maybe related: there is “Subscription Offers Key” also in Xcode that isn’t used in any way. Perhaps there is some missing configuration in RevenueCat for promotional offers and StoreKit testing files?


I’m using Xcode 13 and SDK version 3.12.8.


Thanks in advance!

2 replies

Hello, I also encountered the same problem, have you solved it?


Hello, I also encountered the same problem, have you solved it?

No, I haven’t. Hopefully someone from RevenueCat can respond and let us know if this is a limitation that will be addressed soon, or if we’re doing something wrong.