Stuck at "This product is already active for the user."

  • 17 November 2021
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Hi there, I am facing issue after making purchase with Play Store. After click on buy button, Play Store gives error “This product is already active for the user.” when i am already subscribed and after that i am refreshing purchaserInfo with await getPurchaserInfo() and getting empty entitlement and all data. Not getting data that i am already subscribed. Purchase history is also getting empty.

Please help me.

Thank you in advance.


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3 replies

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Hey @Meetmighty!

Sounds like that customer may need to restore purchases to gain access. Does the RevenueCat purchase method return any error? The “This product is already active for the user.” is a message from Google, not RevenueCat. If you’re able to trigger the .restoreTransactions() method in the RevenueCat SDK is should re-sync their purchase history with RevenueCat. 

If the Restore Behavior you have configured is set to “Block restores”, then you would need to make sure you’re setting the same App User ID in the SDK that originally purchased the subscription.

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Hello, Thanks for the reply.

We already tried calling await restoreTransactions() and getting error in that also. “The error is Play Store credential is invalid”.

We are able to making a subscription and also showing in the Play Store subsriptions but not getting data in await getPurchaserInfo().

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Ah I see! If you’re getting a Play Store credentials is invalid error you’ll need to resolve that first in order for purchases to be registered in RevenueCat. 

More info on this error here:

Our guide on configuring play store credentials walks through the setup:

You can search though the community and see how some other developers have resolved this as well which could help: