SKAdNetwork - Listen to Trial conversion events app side

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We are trying to use SKAdNetwork to track trial starts and trial conversions via Branch. While working with Branch customer support, they suggested we track these natively via BranchEvents so that the events would be captured by SKAN. This is easy for trial starts since we get a callback on device when the trial starts. However, for trial conversions, we need to do this client side as well to have them registered via SKAN. Is there an easy way to do this? One way I thought about doing this would be to set up `addPurchaserInfoUpdateListener` in the app and an async storage valuue to set this listener until if fires and then check if the user info changes to subscribed or cancelled. This seems a little convoluted though so I wanted to see if there was an easier way. 

As an aside, the Branch docs should probably be updated with a note around SKAdNetwork as we spent a lot of time trying to debug why we were getting no attribution data and it was because the events were coming server side not client side and therefore could not be attributed. 

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