RevenueCat does not return offerings with subscriptions

  • 9 September 2022
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Flutter SDK: I’ve configured subscriptions and in-app products on the play console, I also setup the offerings on revenuecat but when I try to fetch the offerings for subscriptions I get an error below:

😿‼️ Error fetching offerings - PurchasesError(code=ConfigurationError, underlyingErrorMessage=There's a problem with your configuration. None of the products registered in the RevenueCat dashboard could be fetched from the Play Store.
E/[Purchases] - ERROR( 6352): More information:, message='There is an issue with your configuration. Check the underlying error for more details.')

But it’s successful only on in-app products rather than subscriptions.


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2 replies

did you find the solution?



This issue has been resolved, tried it on a new app and it worked, I wondered what was wrong. The configuration okay. Later on it automatically resolved without any other adjustment, I think this had to do with Google Console service account propagation.