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  • 19 April 2022
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Please help us to solve a mystery.

When we build our app and upload to testflight I can see that the app send request to and it’s very slow. According to posts in forums and communities this is known issue that is not taking care of for years from Apple side.

This request is taking a lot of time (I assume that this request source is from react-native-purchases library) and slows down our loading process of the app.

Sometimes the requests are even timed out or I get message like:

None of the products registered in the RevenueCat dashboard could be fetched from App Store Connect

and the products are not loading


  1. I don’t see such requests from the production version that is downloaded from the app store.I do see requests to
  2. How can I make sure that this situation happens only on testlight. How can I build the app in a production mode to check this. I tried the ad hoc build and install .ipa on my device but same thing happened.
  3. Does anyone took a look at this issue deeper and can assure that the slow requests and the error message from Revenue Cat is happening only on testfligt/sandbox ?



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Hey @Playnance!

The is the endpoint for non-production purchases, and so it would be expected to see this on non-App Store builds of your app. That being said, this sandbox environment is notoriously flaky - there are regular outages and sometimes requests and purchases can get hung up in their system.

The production environment that is much more stable, and these issues aren’t often seen in the same manner as in the sandbox environment. If you’re not seeing products loading in production, I’d recommend double checking product identifiers are configured correctly in your offerings - but if you’re seeing it work correctly sometimes, you likely have things configured correctly and it’s just a sandbox quirk.