Payment Sheet not showing anymore on iOS

  • 10 November 2021
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Hey there, 

we’ve been integration RC in our Flutter app the last couple of days. Until now everything worked fine and as expected. But suddenly I cannot perform purchases on iOS anymore. (Subscriptions) In fact the iOS Payment sheet is no longer showing up and sometimes I get an error of 

‼️ The receipt is not valid.

in the debug console. 

Sometimes this error doesn’t occur and it seems as if the purchased was successful. It doesn’t show up in the RC dashboard anyways in that case. (sanbox data is enabled)  


I did already try: 

  • Logout and Login in with the sandbox tester in iOS settings.
  • Create a new sandbox tester 
  • Go back to a earlier git commit (to make sure, that the problem is not related to code changes on our side)

Do you have any idea what I might do next?





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2 replies

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Update: Without any further changes it’s working again. I suppose the iOS sandbox might have been the issue here.

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Hey @Raphael 

Glad to hear that it’s working for you now! The sandbox environment is known to be notoriously flaky. We have that error documented in our error handling guide here: Typically that error means there’s a configuration issue while testing in sandbox.