Offer codes not working for ionic purchases plugin

  • 10 June 2022
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We have been using the ionic purchases plugin for a while in our project. Recently we have been working on getting offer codes working for iOS. This has not been successful at all.

The implementation we have:

- We call purchases.login at startup
- We listen for purchases.onPurchaserInfoUpdated which triggers when someone makes a purchase (and we unlock based on the entitlements available)
- We call purchases.presentCodeRedemptionSheet which pops up the iOS offer code screen
- After it didnt work we started listening for purchases.addShouldPurchasePromoProductListener, we thought this might be triggered for the offer codes

We had to test this in production as offer codes didnt work at all in our test environment. Any tips to do this are more then welcome.

We have seen multiple things going wrong in the app:

- The redeem promo code button (the iOS native part) will go on disabled after pressing it, take a while and then enable again without doing anything

- The redeem button works but the sale is not coming through on revenuecat and as a result everything stays locked within the app

- The redeem button works the sale comes through but it takes a minute, so the user will have the impression that it didnt work, after that minute or after restarting the app works as expected and everything is unlocked (we only have 1 entitlement)


We are uncertain about the reasons why it is not working and why it is behaving in varying ways. Does anyone know how to solve this or at least point us in the right direction?

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