New Web SDK with GooglePay - Issue with

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Hi!  Thrilled for the new Web SDK even in Beta! Thanks.

Regular checkout working in my test environment just fine.  Google Pay gets to the screen like this:


but there is an error in the console like this:
Unable to download payment manifest "".


Then the next screen continues with this error

pay.js:181 Unsafe attempt to initiate navigation for frame with origin 'https://mydoman' from frame with URL '…2Fsettings%2Fmypage&controllerId=__privateStripeController8321'. The frame attempting navigation of the top-level window is sandboxed, but the flag of 'allow-top-navigation' or 'allow-top-navigation-by-user-activation' is not set.

Any ideas?  



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Would you mind sharing the code you use to make a purchase so I can take a look? Thanks!

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const purchaseResult = await purchaseWebPackage!(selectedPackage);

The normal checkout with a credit card works great - it’s just Google pay flow that is broken.  

Interestingly, perhaps there could be something with my setup.   It doesn’t appear to be honoring the on/off setting for Google Pay in Stripe.  I’m in Test mode.

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Hi @jamiejamie,

It looks like we’ve disabled support for Google Pay for now in RC Billing (and that must be an old version of the sdk, then). So I would recommend not using that option for the time being until we support it again.

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I’m on 0.22