Need help debugging inactive entitlement on purchase success

  • 29 July 2021
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try {
final PurchaserInfo info =
await Purchases.purchasePackage(package);

if (info.entitlements.all.containsKey('plus') && info.entitlements.all['plus']!.isActive) {
// amplitude logging for new subscription
// show toast to user to indicate success
} on PlatformException catch (e) {

We are using Flutter and support purchasing subscriptions (‘plus’ entitlement) and we noticed that our manual logging seems to be heavily undercounting the number of new subscriptions we get compared to RevenueCat’s dashes.

We verified that the entitlement and products are defined properly. Our understanding is that if the purchase succeeds, then PurchaserInfo should always have the ‘plus’ entitlement active. Are there cases where it’s expected for the entitlement to be inactive when the purchase succeeds? Or is there something else we can do to debug?




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5 replies

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Hello Steph,

We have sent this post into our ticketing system, where our Support team will handle your request.

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@sharif to clarify, is someone from the support team supposed to reach out to us? Not sure if we missed something!

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Sorry for the trouble! We tried to reach out to you a couple of weeks ago, maybe the email went to spam? We’ve been having some issues where our support tickets get filtered by some spam filters. If you just create a support ticket from your account settings we’ll be able to continue the support thread over email.

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I don’t seem to have any emails in spam. I did receive an email confirming a ticket was made but there wasn’t any questions/status updates via email. Is it possible to reach out to my email again?



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Hey @Steph!

Sorry for the confusion about this. I sent you another reply in Zendesk with my follow-up questions - let us know if you still have trouble seeing or receiving replies.