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  • 14 July 2022
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This may be more of a support question, but for some reason I am no longer fetching the title for one of the two subscriptions available in my Flutter app, and only on iOS - Android works fine.

I have two subscriptions available for a game - one that allows unlimited play time (energy), and a second that allows unlimited chips (which are used for hints and other things that are not necessary for play).  The subscription for Chips retrieves all information correctly, but the info for Energy is missing the title.


Immediately after getOfferings:

final offerings = await Purchases.getOfferings();

return offerings.all;

The offerings.all has the following (from the VSCode watch window) running on an iOS Sim:

As I understand it, the product titles are taken from the App Store settings for the subscription item, specifically, the “Reference Name” (which is the only place where the “Unlimited Chips - monthly” string is set, and is set similarly for Energy.  In fact, it isn’t possible to have a subscription item that doesn’t have a reference name afaik.

One difference that I noticed between iOS and Android is that only Android is appending the App Name on the end of the product title (so on Android, it is returned as “Unlimited Chips - monthly (My App Name)”.  Same watch window while running on an Android phone:

I’m really not sure where to look.  I’ve crawled through all the settings in both the App Store and in Revenue Cat, and I don’t see any differences between chips and energy (which doesn’t mean there isn’t one, of course).  Even stranger, I have screenshots from two weeks ago where this was working fine.



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I am facing the same issue with auto-renewable subscriptions on iOS with React Native.

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Hey @bryantgtx, just saw your ticket come through support. Thanks very much for sending over the details. You’re correct that the product titles on iOS come from Apple via SKProduct, and I don’t see anything obvious in your configuration causing this. Someone on the team will take a look and get back to you as soon as we can there. Thanks!


Thanks, Dan!  Everything else (price, priceString, currencyCode, identifier, etc) comes through on the product, just no title or description.


I think I finally figured it out.

So, when a product shows up missing title/description: those come from the App Store Localization.  Check that, make a change and save it (you can always make a second change and change it back, I suspect).  Give it time to propagate, and check again.  I did that, and now I’m getting the title and (new) description.

It will have to go through a review (still waiting for that), but it shouldn’t need to actually be reviewed before it shows up.

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Ah check that out, nice find. Thanks for sharing the solution with us! @Isaac Medina let us know if making a change to your localization fixes the issue for you as well.