Is there a way to prevent "You're all set your purchase was successful" message after a purchase?

  • 18 November 2021
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On ios after a purchase succeeds a dialogue box saying “"You're all set your purchase was successful" 

pops up. Is there a way of preventing this?

I want to ask the user to login right after the purchase in this dialogue gives the user  an opportunity to blow past the login. I’d like to make that less likely if possible.




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Unfortunately, there is not. That is a system message from Apple and is out of developer control.

What’s the issue it’s causing? Maybe there’s another workaround.


Thanks, I wasn’t hopeful, but you never know. My big was someone bailed out of the login so they purchased but did not login which messed with the iCloud code.  I worked around it by making sure it was harder to bail out of the login process and then checking for a login at other spots. 

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@Todd Hoff yeah checking for a login throughout your app is probably the best approach here. Purchases can fail, network can drop out, and other things that make it hard to guarantee every customer follows the same path so adding redundancies is a good way to go.