iOS Xcode issue - App crashes after adding the cocoapods pod 'Purchases' to my podfile

  • 22 October 2021
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I have an existing Objective-C project that is already using CocoaPods.

After adding the pod 'Purchases' to my podfile my project no longer runs.

It quits with the error messages:

dyld[15384]: Library not loaded: @rpath/libswiftCore.dylib
libswiftCore.dylib' (no such file)

I am on Xcode 13.0

I checked the solutions on this page, and based on that, have confirmed the following:

For both my project and target:

  • Build Settings > Build Options > Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries is set to Yes

For my target:

  • Build Settings > Linking > Runpath Search Paths is set to @executable_path/Frameworks

I also Cleaned the project and deleted all Derived Data.

What else do I need to do to resolve this error?


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3 replies

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Hi there! 👋

I’d recommend following the steps in our SDK Troubleshooting Guide

In particular, I think your issue might be solved by adding a single, empty Swift file to the project. Could you give that a shot? 



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Thank you. Adding the swift file which prompted me to create a bridging header fixed the issue.


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Thanks for the update! I’m glad it worked 😃 Have a great day!