iOS 'Receipt is invalid' Megathread

  • 8 February 2023
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If you’re here, it’s probably because you’ve encountered an active issue related to Apple’s receipt verification.

RevenueCat relies upon Apple’s `verifyReceipt` endpoint which is currently facing an outage:

This seems to be affecting sandbox and TestFlight purchases only at this time, although Apple’s status page doesn’t mention it explicitly.

Encountering this issue? Post below ⬇️ RevenueCat isn’t able to resolve this at this time from our end, but it may help bring awareness and ease to other developers facing the same issue.

Update 2/8/23 19:20 UTC:

Customers (and me 😃) reporting things are working as expected again - post below if you’re still having trouble, seems like a slow rollout of a fix from Apple.

Update 2/8/23 17:40 UTC:

Apple’s reporting the issue is fixed, but we’re still encountering errors. Will provide another update as soon as possible.

26 replies

I spoke too soon


I forgot the Storekit testing framework. Once I added that and reset my simulator it worked!

Instructions for anyone else who got lost here: