iOS Payment Sheet not appearing

  • 16 May 2024
  • 1 reply


I’m trying to test making a purchase on iOS but the purchasePackage method just hangs and does not resolve or throw and error. 


I’m currently using a physicial device with iOS 17.4.1, I’m using capacitor in vue 3 with @revenuecat/purchases-capacitor 7.5.9. My xCode is 15.2.


I’m able to get the offerings no problem and pass it to the purchasePackage method but nothing happens, the payment sheet does not appear. I left if for like 10 minutes and it still did not appear or throw an error.


Any help would be appreciated 

1 reply

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Hi @mitch-596c01! Could you provide debug logs as well as a snippet of your implementation code? Also, are you using a sandbox user or StoreKit (docs)?