iOS Offer Code issue

  • 16 October 2021
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Hi Team - My goal is to setup offer codes to allow customers coming from partnerships to redeem prepaid subscriptions.

After setting up auto-renewing subscriptions, I’ve hit a snag implementing Offer Codes in my iOS app.

The following has been configured:

  • 2 subscriptions(yearly and monthly) setup in App Store Connect under same the subscription group
  • Both subscriptions are at the same level of service and include a 7-day trial period
  • Subscription key uploaded to RevenueCat
  • Created 1-year free offer codes under the yearly renewable subscription
  • Offer code is for new, existing and expired users

Observed user experience:

  1. User logs in to app and subscribes to monthly renewable subscription
  2. User then navigates to to redeem 1-year free offer
  3. Code is accepted and Apple ID authorization is prompted
  4. After authorizing the subscription a error is presented stating, “ This offer can’t be redeemed with your current subscription.”

Is there something I missed in my configuration or a restriction I’m unaware of? Does user have to redeem the offer before subscribing?



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3 replies

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Hey @MarcusH 

The best guess here is that Offer Codes do not work while in a free trial period. Crossgrades should be allowed, so it makes me believe it’s due to the free trial. Has the customer tried redeeming the Offer Code yet?

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Hi Tina - appreciate the reply.

I believe you are correct, because after the trial period ended the user was able to redeem the code. The Offer Code workflows have been difficult to test and validate, but looks like we’ve figure it out.



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Hi @MarcusH , Thank you for the detailed post. Your post has been really helpful in figuring out the similar issues we’ve facing too while implementing Offer code. I’m just stuck on the final piece of offer code puzzle and would really grateful if you can share your experience.

We have an offer code for new users, now users open the app, they’re presented with the code redemption sheet, where they successfully enter the code. They are shown the discounted amount of that subscription, and finally they close the redemption sheet.

Now once they are back in the app, they click the buy now button. The problem is, the sheet which apple shows for payment confirmation, still shows the old subscription price without the offer applied. For example: it shows “14,99 eur per month”, instead of saying something like “0,99 eur for the first month, and then 14,99 eur”. Is it the same for you as well?