Initial declined transactions missing in RevenueCat

  • 10 July 2024
  • 2 replies

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Are we able to see when a new user is making a first purchase and their transaction gets declined due to payment issues?

I am able to see the transaction id on Google Console under Order Management with a Payment declined status. But I am not sure how to trace this to a specific app_user_id (I set this on every purchase attempt). This transaction also does not come through via the webhook.


2 replies

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Hi - unfortunately, in cases like this in which there is a billing issue early enough so that a purchase token is not returned and sent from the device, RevenueCat is unable to track the issue. If you would like to recreate the issue in sandbox, so that you can access the specific app user ID, then I can double check the logs on our end to confirm that a purchase token was not sent to us and that another issue is not happening, I would be happy to do so. I could also check for this if you would like to share the transaction ID from Google Play Console. We have investigated solutions to this issue, but do not currently have an option to detect them.

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Thanks @wes_clark for your reply. I am not too sure how to simulate the exact billing issue in the sandbox, but if you have some ideas I can try.

As for production, here are a couple transaction IDs that I see under Order Management with Payment declined and do not seem to have these in the RC Console nor in webhook events: GPA.3360-7087-7829-17640 or GPA.3340-7564-5438-89273.