In-App Purchase Key p8 file Name

  • 27 April 2023
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I’m trying to download the IAP Key file, but it opens in a new browser tab. If I copy the key to a file and upload, it’s rejected for having the wrong file name. I need to know (1) What should the name of the file be, or (2) How to download the file instead of opening in the browser.

2 replies

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Hey @Jim LaGrone!

When you download the IAP key from App Store Connect, it’s formatted like `SubscriptionKey_xxx.p8`. I’d recommend ensuring you’re following our guide for generating the key and going to the Users and Access → Keys → In-App Purchase page in App Store Connect, too.

I’m not sure why the key would be opening in a new browser window, but I’d recommend trying a different browser like Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.



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I’m using Safari. I was able to create a file and name it with the file key.