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Is it possible for the RC in-app SDK to grant a user a promo (free access) using the public key? We do this with our website, but I want to deep link certain users to get free access. So I want to use the RC SDK to start RC promos. Is this possible?






Best answer by Jacob Eiting 3 May 2022, 19:23

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Hey Toby!


So I think you’re asking about our “promotional entitlements”, the thing you can grant manually in the UI. 


It’s only possible with a private key, since leaking the key would allow anyone to grant anyone else an entitlement (assuming your user IDs aren’t obsfucated in some way)


I’d suggest creating a server that has an endpoint that will do this with a private key, and let your app call it. Then you can decide the security you’re comfortable with on that endpoint for your app/use case.

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Hi Jacob,


Sweet I’ll do that. We already have the endpoint set up for our web app. So it should be easy to point the mobile app there. 


FYI - We’re decommissioning our web app/Stripe and pushing all users (even via email campaigns) to IAPs. As a small team, one less store is one less headache! And Apple’s 15% is probably worth the ability to use their payment system. We’ll report back on how this goes 🤞🏻


Pretty rad to get a reply from the CEO! Your presence has inspired me as a CEO to spend time hanging out with my power users : )


Have a nice week,