I am so incredibly confused and lost...

  • 12 September 2023
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I have a React Native app for iOS and Android and I want to show users a yearly subscription option with a 1 week free trial:

  • I don’t want to show different users different options
  • I don’t want to do something different on Android vs iOS
  • I don’t want discounts or promos 

So far I have:

  • RevCat SDK installed and getting offerings
  • My IAP created on the App Store
  • And on the Play Store

But I am just so so so lost. The offerings returned, as a json string, is literally 18768 characters long (without any whitespace), and nowhere in this monstrosity can I find:

  1. The actual name of my thing* properly included that I can use.
    1. ‘product.title’ is wrong. I’m working on Android first and this appends the name of the app.
    2. ‘serverDescription’ seems to not be meant for user facing use?
    3. And that’s it.  hundreds and hundreds of name?
    4. This is despite the fact that I’ve inputted the name of my product in at least four different places (in Google Play, in my product display name, in my offering description, and in my package description). None of that stuff actually propagates 
  2. The description of my thing* - like what it actually is and what it includes. product.description is blank. I saw nowhere in RevCat to enter it besides ‘serverDescription’, which is obviously wrong. And the value I entered in the Play Store is just not pulled in anywhere.

This is crazy, like am I unreasonable to just want a name and description field?


* I use the word ‘thing’ because I have no clue what to call it. Y’all have all these extra concepts: product, offering, package — I am just so confused. Like I’m sure this is useful for crazy complex apps, but I’m just getting started and this is overwhelming because y’all haven’t spent the effort to make this easy to get started. Conceptually, comparing this to Stripe - they have so many APIs that can do so much, but they still made it easy to get started.

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Hey @mb-8d5574,

So sorry to hear this hasn’t been a great experience so far. Offerings, packages, products, and entitlements can be a steeper learning curve than we’d like, and we’re always aiming to make implementing the SDK as simple as possible.

The names and descriptions coming from the stores can be inconsistent, as you’ve mentioned the Play Store values aren’t always accurate. I’d recommend providing backup values, either hardcoded in your app or even using something like Offering Metadata if you want values to be dynamic for your offering:

That being said, I recognize this isn’t an easy part of the process right now. I’ll share this with the team to see how we can make improvements.