How to show annual subscription price per month?

  • 8 June 2023
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Sorry if it was asked before, I searched but couldn’t find anything :(

What is the best way to calculate the price for annual subscription per month/week? I want to show user, how much he/she will pay for an annual subscription each month or week.

An app already implementing this, is Snapchat. I checked all over revenuecat documentation but didn’t find this feature.


Best answer by Michael Fogel 12 June 2023, 18:10

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2 replies

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Hey @collins 


A great way of doing this would be calling the priceString property and dividing that number returned by the length of the subscription. For example, for the annual product diving that returned result by 12. This would return the monthly price of the annual product. 



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@Michael Fogel , priceString is already formatted with the currency sign so do you think that is still the only option? I could parse it but not sure I know all possible formats to do it safely for all currencies.
Also, for the denominator, is there a numbers somewhere for 1 (one month), 2 (two months), etc? This way it is more dynamic and we do not need to have a map for each length of subscription.

I think i see a property called `price` with the raw number so maybe that is better..