How to show annual subscription price per month?

  • 20 August 2022
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Sorry if it was asked before, I searched but couldn’t find anything :(

What is the best way to calculate the price for annual subscription per month/week? I want to show user, how much he/she will pay for an annual subscription each month or week.

I see that there is a pricePerMonth property on StoreProduct and it calculates correctly, but it shows only the numbers, without currency symbols such as $.

Thank you!

7 replies

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You will want to use the number formatting methods of the respective platform you are using, e.g., NSNumberFormatter on iOS or NumberFormat on Android. (If you are using a hybrid toolkit such as React Native or Flutter, they have methods / packages for this as well).

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Is it possible to get Locale for StoreProduct? (on iOS)

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You should be able to get the NumberFormatter from the StoreProduct, and you can get the locale from the NumberFormatter.

Isn’t this such a often used feature? I think it’s kind of cumbersome, that there is a localizedPriceString but for this I need to use a custom formatter.

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@michst if you need to use a custom formatter, my advice would be to either: 

  • Get the locale from the formatter like Jens mentioned, and then create a formatter with the locale like we do here, or
  • Start with your formatter, and just set the locale and currency, again like in the example code. 

So in general the options are to either use the pricePerMonth with the priceFormatter provided in StoreProduct, or use the pricePerMonth with your own formatter, using the locale in the formatter within StoreProduct. 


Hi there, just to show some code related to what @Andy mentioned. For iOS, I achieved it the following way:

let formattedPrice: String
if package.packageType == .annual {
let pricePerMonth = package.storeProduct.pricePerMonth,
let priceFormatter = package.storeProduct.priceFormatter,
let localizedPricePerMonth = priceFormatter.string(from: pricePerMonth)
formattedPrice = "\(package.localizedPriceString) (\(localizedPricePerMonth)/month)"
} else {
formattedPrice = "\(package.localizedPriceString)"
} else {
formattedPrice = "\(package.localizedPriceString)/month"
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Is it possible to get Locale for StoreProduct? (on iOS)

you can get the Locale from storeProduct by calling “storeProduct.priceFormatter.locale”


And it is not a good idea to read locale from the device or in any other way. My project is written in Objective-C and the following method would be helpful to get the pricePerMonth value with the storeProduct’s currency for annual package.


-(NSString *)getFormattedPriceValue:(RCPackage *)thePackage


    NSNumberFormatter *numberFormatter = [[NSNumberFormatter alloc] init];

    [numberFormatter setFormatterBehavior:NSNumberFormatterBehavior10_4];

    [numberFormatter setNumberStyle:NSNumberFormatterCurrencyStyle];

    [numberFormatter setLocale:thePackage.storeProduct.priceFormatter.locale];

    NSString *formattedMonthlyPrice = [numberFormatter stringFromNumber:thePackage.storeProduct.pricePerMonth];


    return formattedMonthlyPrice;