Flutter iOS upgrading a package doesnt work

  • 6 June 2024
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When I try to upgrade a subscription using `Purchases.purchasePackage(package)`, it doesnt work. The new `CustomerInfo` still has the old active entitlement. Restarting the app, restoring purchases do not work. There are no errors either, it shows that the purchase was successful. When I try to subscribe again, it says `This product is already active for the user.`. This does not happen on Android, only iOS.

1 reply

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Hi, with iOS upgrades should happen automatically as long as you have them setup correctly, see our docs here. What might be happening here is that there could be an issue with the cache, can you try calling invalidateCustomerInfoCache()? If this does not solve it, can you open up a support ticket here and provide the app user id and debug logs of this?