FacebookAdvertiserIDCollectionEnabled is currently set to FALSE

  • 6 November 2021
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I get this warning in the console: “The value for FacebookAdvertiserIDCollectionEnabled is currently set to FALSE so you're sending app events without collecting Advertiser ID. This can affect the quality of your advertising and analytics results.”


I believe I’m following the instructions for setting this stuff. On app load:

  await Purchases.setDebugLogsEnabled(true);
await Purchases.setup(JumpspeakConfig.revenueCatApiKey);
await Purchases.collectDeviceIdentifiers();

final facebookAppEvents = FacebookAppEvents();
await facebookAppEvents.setAutoLogAppEventsEnabled(false);
final facebookAnonymousId = await facebookAppEvents.getAnonymousId();
if (facebookAnonymousId == null) {
logError('Could not get anonymous Facebook ID');
} else {
await Purchases.setFBAnonymousID(facebookAnonymousId);

FacebookAppEvents is a 3rd party library but I confirmed it gives me an anonymous ID (that error log does not get reached)


I also confirmed the values we should see for the customer if this is done right:
are not registered.


I’m pretty sure I’m following the docs here pretty exact:

Does `collectDeviceIdentifiers` register this info?

5 replies

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Hmm well they started showing up but the idfa is 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 ….maybe a Sandbox thing? But I’m not on a simulator, I’m on a real device. Seems weird

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Hey @Tony 

It seems like FacebookAdvertiserIDCollectionEnabled is set to false. Here’s Facebook documentation for reference:

On your device do you have Settings > Privacy > Tracking enabled?

[Edit: Clearing up references]

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@tina  Doesn’t your documentation say to do the exact opposite?

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Apologies, was looking at the wrong FB setting. The FacebookAdvertiserIDCollectionEnabled is coming from this documentation: Do you have this flag in your app’s .plist settings?

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@tina I do have this in the plist. Should it be true? It is currently false. Might be good to toss this in your docs -