Facebook ads integration is only sending events from Android app, not iOS

  • 30 April 2024
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I’m not seeing the majority of my facebook events coming through on the facebook side, all of the events I’ve checked being sent from RevnueCat are coming from the android app.

Was wondering if there’s any special setting needed to send these from iOS? Seems like it should all be handled between RevenueCat and Facebook, all other iOS data is flowing properly.


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3 replies

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Hi @evoogod! I just replied to your support ticket, but for context, it looks like we aren't seeing a valid IDFA for your iOS users, which is required for Facebook:
In order to collect the IDFA, you'll need to request permission from the customer first. After the customer grants permission, you can call collectDeviceIdentifiers again to collect the value. You can read more in the linked guide.

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Can’t facebook do matching via fbAnonId? RevenueCat should at least try to send these events to facebook correct? There’s other types of matching as well, email etc.

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See advanced matching here, etc:


This seems busted on your end.