Error when marking attributes as collecting device identifiers

  • 21 July 2021
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I’m using react-native-purchases library and found some issue in Xcode logs. Every time initialise my app is initialised I send identifiers using:

useEffect(() => {
}, [])

RevenueCat is returning error and complaining that IDFV cannot be modified. Am I doing something incorrectly? Below I’m also attaching log.


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Hey @Radek Cymborski!

This is expected behavior. Since we recognized the user's previous profile, we already had their IDFV. Your app tried to set it again, which we prevented because we try to keep advertising identifiers like IDFA and IDFV constant across installs. That way we can always pass the same identifiers to our downstream integrations whenever this specific user generates a revenue event.

If you want to clear the data for this user and try to set the IDFV for that user ID again, you can delete them from the dashboard, then re-identify with that user ID and call collectDeviceIdentifiers again. The new value will be saved, but like before, we won’t update it again if it’s already been set.