Data Practices of Google Families Policy on Kids App

  • 28 December 2022
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Hello! Our app is being rejected because since we added RevenueCat we are violating the data practices of the Google Families Policy on our Kids App.

The rejection explation below:

Your app violates the Families Policy Requirements policy. We’ve identified that your app or an SDK in your app transmits identifier(s) that do not comply with our Families Policy. These identifiers may include, but are not limited to Android Advertising ID (AAID).

For example, the destinations of Android Advertising ID transmission may include, but are not limited to:

Apps that solely target children, must not transmit the following:

  • Android Advertising ID (AAID)
  • SIM Serial
  • Build Serial
  • MAC
  • SSID
  • IMEI and/or IMSI

Apps that target both children and older audiences must not transmit the listed identifiers from children or users of unknown age.


Action required: Submit an update to your app

  1. Read through the "Data Practices" section (#5) of the Families Policy Requirements, and the User Data policy.
  2. Make appropriate changes to your app, and be sure to address the issue described above. The help center article Data Practices in Families apps may be helpful.
    In addition to your Production release, if you have other release types that you use for testing and/or quality assurance checks (e.g. Closed test, Open test), please make sure to update those tracks as well.

We’ve removed the AAID permision, but still got rejected.

<uses-permission android:name="" tools:node="remove"/>

Does anybody know how to solve this? Google does not give us much information about this policy violation. Our app has been offline for 5 days now because of this. We need help with a solution.

Thanks in advance.

2 replies

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Hey @Storology!

Any chance you have Facebook’s SDK installed as well? It sounds like Google is detecting some kind of transmission of identifiers between the device and Facebook.

In the past, we have had reports of similar issues but the removal of the `AD_ID` permission from the manifest was enough to resolve the issue.

You may also be able to contact Google to ask for more information:

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@cody I’m having similar issues with our app. We’ve added the line to remove the AD_ID permission from our manifest, but it’s still getting flagged. When I add a debug breakpoint in Google’s AdvertisingIdClient.getAdvertisingIdInfo(), the debugger says I’m in a thread run by RevenueCat:


Is there any way to disable this? I’m building with RevenueCat purchases v5.7.1.