CustomerInfo is empty after renewals

  • 14 September 2022
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I just started using RC and I have some problems regarding renewals. I’m using React Native SDK and primarily targeting Android. I only have 1 subscription offer for my app. 

After the user successfully completes a purchase, I can see that he is given 7 minutes of access, I receive emails from Google Play Store about the purchase. After 7 minutes ( first renewal ) I receive another email from Play Store about successfull renewal. But when I refresh my app and make a request to customerInfo, the response is empty. Next time I open the app, I can see another event is added to customer history page in RC panel: “Opted out of renewal for ….”

  • I identify to RC after firebase login with user email.
  • Users must login to purchase something.
  • I tried with both an old subscription before Play Store changes, and new subscription. Results are same.

Am I missing something? 



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1 reply

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I figured out my problem.

I used to call SDK’s configure function without userid on app launch. Then I called login when user authenticated.

Instead, I waited until user is succesfully authenticated and then I called configure method with both userid and apikey. That seemed to solve my problem. If this is not a fluke, I think it should be made clear in the documents.