Can not choose DEFERRED replacement mode in Android

  • 25 March 2024
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i integrated revenuecat android sdk in my app recently. Sdk version is 7.7.2.

I wanted to downgrade subscription with DEFERRED mode but I couldn’t find it. Therefore, I read document and change log. They said DEFERRED mode has been temporarily removed. However, DEFERRED mode is still in Android dev doc. Is something wrong with DEFERRED mode that it has been removed.  

Thank you.


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Hi, if you would like to use DEFERRED mode, you will want to use Android v6. We removed this from Android v7 due to some bugs we have found – there is no ETA right now for when we will add this back as we have reported the bugs to Google about the DEFERRED mode and need to make sure they have fixed it, but this is on our backlog.