AppStore sign-in prompting on Simulator on Xcode 13 & iOS 15

  • 12 August 2021
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I am working on updating all my Frameworks including Purchases, specifically trying to get rid of all my PODs and moving them as Swift Packages Dependency. Also, for this I decided to start doing it on the latest version of Xcode in beta and the upcoming iOS 15. I recently noticed that while testing, two things are happening that were not happening before. 

  1. Products are being displayed on the simulator. 
  2. The Sign in With Apple ID window is appearing.

While testing on the simulator for iOS 14, I was never able to download the products from Revenue Cat, therefore I was only able to test on an my device. But I noticed that it now brings the products and is able to display them on the simulator. However I have not tried to do a purchase from there as I assumed is not going to work as expected. ( This, is actually a good thing because it allows me to test on simulator how my paywall is going to look and react to changes )

However, on the second point for some reason, the “Sign in with Apple ID” alert keeps popping up when there is no “Active Entitlement”. No code has been changed on my part for the purchases.

Here are 2 screenshots, please notice that in one screenshot you will see it with no products, this is the normal behavior on the simulator for iOS 14. The other screenshot you will see the sign-in alert as well on the background the views for the products that are being pulled from revenue cat.

iOS 14 Simulator

iOS 15 Simulator


Any ideas to why the sign-in alert pops up and what should I do to fix this? 



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5 replies

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The sign-in prompt could pop up if you programmatically call `.restoreTransactions()` since it will try to access the receipt file.

Other then that, the simulators are notoriously flaky with in-app purchases so it’s possible this is a “new” quirk in the latest iOS 15 beta.

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Hi @ryan , 

Thanks for the reply, I am not calling .restoreTransactions() programmatically unless there is a button tapped specifically to restore a purchase. All the app is doing is calling Purchases.shared.purchaserInfo to get the active entitlement. 

It must be something with the iOS 15 beta then, because as mentioned and shown on the screenshots, this does not happen on the iOS 14 simulator. Just want to put it out there to see if the team can look this up or have an idea how to fix it. 


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@Jhoan Arango another thing to test would be to create a completely new sandbox user in App Store Connect and try that. Maybe there’s something corrupted with your sandbox account.

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I am also getting this with just a call to:



final purchaserInfo = await Purchases.purchasePackage(



I am using a device and not using any sandbox features because I have a separate app for development and production.

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My app is exhibiting this today after upgrading to Xcode 13 (13.2.1).  Simulator is showing iOS 15.2 with the following app behaviour changes: 

  1.  No more RevenueCat errors logged at startup (‘configure’ & ‘purchaserInfo’) saying can’t retrieve storekit products.
  2. Offerings are now retrievable on our paywall screen.
  3. ‘Sign in with Apple ID’ prompt seems to be caused by “checkTrialOrIntroductoryPriceEligibility” (which fails with errors)