ANR / Crash after purchase


Hey guys.


My app crashes about 30% of the time after user purchased the in-app-subscription. The issue occurs only on android.


I use:

  1. react-native 0.63.4
  2. react-native-purchases 4.5.3

The error:

  1. The main error is: “Input dispatching timed out (Waiting to send key event because the focused window has not finished processing all of the input events that were previously delivered to it. Outbound queue length: 0. Wait queue length: 1.)”
  2. Sometimes: Broadcast of Intent { act=android.intent.action.SCREEN_OFF flg=0x50200010 }

In 2 files:

  2. MainActivity


It happens only after purchase. My MainActivity is pretty empty. I only use:

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
// has to be called after super.onCreate(...)
// Below line is handled by '@expo/configure-splash-screen' command and it's discouraged to modify it manually, SplashScreenImageResizeMode.COVER, ReactRootView.class, false);


Does anyone experience the same issue or has a solution? I tried some modifications like super.onCreate(null) but thats not working. Then I get this kind of error in other areas of the app as well.


I am not an expert in android SDK. Might have to add some onResume / onPause?


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.



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