🤖 Android issue: There was a problem with the store.

  • 26 October 2022
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We’ve periodically been seeing a “There was a problem with the store” error when Android users try to purchase.


Does RevenueCat have any logs that can help diagnose the error? Or how can I diagnose this problem?


Best answer by Miguel Carranza 27 October 2022, 01:34

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3 replies

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Or maybe some way of understanding how to handle exceptions from Purchases.purchasePackage() on React Native.

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Hi Cameron,


I’d suggest following the error handling section in our docs to investigate the problem. For this particular error, the most common scenarios are:

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@Miguel Carranza 

What exactly does RevenueCat’s retry mechanism look like? I shouldn’t try implementing my own retry mechanism in-app?



We’re still seeing errors and very worried about potential lost revenue:

Android 10, React Native error:

"nativeStackAndroid": [],
"userInfo": {
"userCancelled": false,
"code": 2,
"underlyingErrorMessage": "Google Play Error: Invalid Value",
"readableErrorCode": "StoreProblemError",
"readable_error_code": "StoreProblemError",
"message": "There was a problem with the store."
"message": "There was a problem with the store.",
"code": "2",
"userCancelled": false,
"line": 53,
"column": 1121,
"sourceURL": ""