Refunds in new RevenueCat charts

  • 4 October 2021
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Today, we are shipping changes to our new charts that provide improved transparency about refunded transactions. Especially given that on iOS, developers have no control and little transparency on refund decisions, it is important to keep an eye on refunds because they are an indicator of whether your customers are getting the value they expected when they started their subscription.

The biggest improvement is our new refund rate chart. It shows you how many transactions happened in a given time period, and how many of them were refunded. Of course you can see how your refund rate develops over time, as well as filter or segment by various different dimensions, for example to understand refund rates of different products or between iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

In addition to the new chart, we are also changing how refunds are handled in the remaining charts. Previously,  when a refund occurred, we retroactively removed the affected subscription from all charts in which it was shown. Going forward, these subscriptions will be shown as active between the start of the subscription and the refund date. Of course, any revenue associated with refunded transactions will still be removed from the revenue charts.

We hope these changes provide you with better transparency on one of the key indicators of your subscription business.

Please let us know in the thread if you have any questions about this change!

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