Apple’s AdServices attribution framework for Apple Search Ads (ASA) is now supported!

  • 11 August 2022
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We’re happy to announce that RevenueCat now supports Apple’s AdServices attribution framework for Apple Search Ads (ASA).

You can now view AdServices ASA attribution data within RevenueCat Charts. You can unlock insights to drive more profitable growth for your app by:

  • Filtering and segmenting RevenueCat charts by Apple Search Ads campaigns or ad groups

  • Following your campaign's install base over time to understand the long-tail revenue generated from subscriptions

We previously only supported Apple’s deprecated iAd attribution framework. While iAd gave in-depth attribution information you can only receive this data if users opted in through Ad-Tracking Transparency (ATT). The current AdServices framework is more focused on privacy and while it gives less individual depth on attribution data, you no longer require an ATT opt-in from the user, increasing the breadth of data you’ll collect.

This integration is available starting in these SDK versions:

We hope this helps you to drive efficient growth for your app.  Explore the docs here to configure the integration.

3 replies

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2 cents here: 
1 - We could only make things work when we used API Manager role for the user, not read only, without manager role Apple kept telling us that public key is not valid. Safari. Not an incognito mode. 
2 - May be there is way to use same key and API client for several apps? These are promoted under the same account in ASA, and getting more Apple IDs to match each app takes significant time unfortunately. 

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Hello Abra, 

Thank you so much for your note and apologises for the delay. 

1. We are looking into your first point, it’s a behaviour we haven’t seen before. We will try to reach out to Apple to better understand it. Thank you for raising it!

2. There is a way indeed: 

You can create 1 maximum public/private key pair for an RC developer that can be used for 1 to many apps which I believe supports your use cases of having multiple apps. 

I hope this helps, please reach back out if there is anything else that we can do to help. 

Have a great weekend, 



Hi,  When will this feature be available for Unity?