Why does Google subscriptions get deleted from RC (but not Google) after the initial 5 minutes? (sandbox testing)

  • 24 February 2022
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I’m implementing RC on Android. Sandbox testing.

My use case is this:

✅ I make a purchase in the app and reload the purchaser info 

✅ The user correctly now has an active subscription, in both RC and Google Play Store

❌ 5 minutes later I re-open the app and load purchaser info. The active subscription is gone from RC, both via getPurchaserInfo and on the website

✅ On Google Play Store it’s however correctly still active and I keep getting purchase confirmations mails every 5 minutes

Why is the subscription deleted from RC after the initial 5 minute subscription period?

1 reply

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Without any more details here, I’m wondering if something else is happening causing those subscriptions to “disappear”:

  1. Can you check the debug logs while you’re testing to see what app user IDs RevenueCat is using with the API? It’s possible that sandbox users are getting crossed (this happens often in sandbox since you tend to test with many sandbox users, so it’s easy to confuse which user you’re testing.)
  2. Since this is for Android subscriptions, can you search the Google order ID ( in RevenueCat? You can search in the customer lists page - more details here: This will allow you to track down the exact purchase in case it’s been transferred to another user. RevenueCat will transfer purchases between sandbox users rather than alias in most cases to make testing manageable, so you don’t have test users with many aliases.