Why did user convert from a trial after opting out of renewal?

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I have a customer who was charged once their trial ended, even though they had cancelled their subscription before the trial came to an end.  Can you please help explain this?

The RevenueCat messages are:

  • Converted from a trial (8:41PM, 2023-05-10)
  • Opted-out of renew (5:12PM, 2023-05-10)
  • Started a trial (8:41PM, 2023-05-03)

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Best answer by Cuespeak 11 May 2023, 17:38

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Is this an iOS subscription? Apple state that you need to cancel 24 hours before renewal

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Yes, this is an iOS subscription.  I didn’t know that!  Is it even true for a trial?

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I’m sure I’ve read it somewhere. It’s the assumption I’ve been operating under anyway!

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Interesting.  I see it here in Apple’s support,hours%20before%20the%20trial%20ends.


Thank you for pointing this out!