Web Subscription via Stripe: One Product per plan or One Price per plan?

  • 17 August 2022
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We have a product with subscription.  We offer 1-month, 6-month, and annual plans.  It’s already working on iOS and Android.

On Web/Stripe, it can be done in two ways:

  1. Create one Product with 3 Price objects.
  2. Create three Products with one Price per Product.

RevenueCat Doc says “In order for Stripe subscriptions to unlock entitlements, you must set a Product Identifier in the desired Offering to match a Stripe product ID exactly.”  Which, to us, means that it’s preferred to have 3 difference products (option 2 above).  That would also be in-line with Apple Store and Google Play.

However, Stripe’s Pricing Table (and other tools out there) differentiate between 3 products and 1-produce-with-3-prices.


What’s the recommended way of setting this up?  Any limitations or drawbacks on each option?

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Hi @Aideen Nasirishargh, both should work to unlock entitlements in RevenueCat. We are currently working on more easily selling subscriptions on the web via Stripe, which – for now – would require option 2 (or at least, require the Prices of each Stripe Product to have the same period duration), but in future we are also planning to remove that limitation. Therefore, if you can freely choose at this point, I would recommend going with option 2.