Usage of App Store IAP and Connect API Keys

  • 24 June 2023
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Should I use the same single App Store Connect API Key and In-App Purchase Key for all of my apps (so there will be one App Store Connect API Key and one In-App Purchase Key in Apple Dashboard)?

Project A:

  • iOS App A

Project B:

  • iOS App B

Project C:

  • iOS App C

and so on…

If yes, I generated and downloaded the keys from Apple once, but shortly after uploading them into my first RevenueCat project, I deleted them. This app is currently live on App Store Connect, and everything is working as it should. If I revoke the keys I used in this app, generate new ones on Apple, and then replace them in the RevenueCat project, will everything be fine and keep working? Or am I not able to change them now? Of course, I will save these keys this time and use them in every future app that will include in-app purchases.

I am new to IAP in apps. It's probably a trivial question, but even after reading the official documentation, I am still unsure about it.


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Hi @DomKA 

Whether you should use one key for all apps or one key per app, there’s no difference from RevenueCat standpoint. From a security and organization point of view, I would have one key per app. If you need to revoke one, you can do it without affecting the others (but that is my personal suggestion). 

For your second question, the order of operations matters. Upload the new key to RevenueCat before revoking the old one. I’m curious about your issue…. are you concerned that you’ll need the key and because you no longer have access to it you will need to recreate one? If that’s the case, you could consider storing that key in a password manager.