Understanding promo code redemption in RevenueCat

  • 12 October 2021
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Hello - I’ve tried to summarise our problem as concisely as possible below: 

Problem: How do we understand promotion code redemption & user behaviour using RevenueCat?

Context: We recently ran a promotion using codes generated in App Store Connect. Users who redeemed these codes received two months free on our product. The promotion is now complete and we want to understand what behaviour was like for this cohort. e.g. How many of these users continued with us or did they churn? What’s their LTV? etc. 



Within App Store Connect Reporting we can identify users who redeemed a code and see their ‘Subscriber ID’. 

Within RevenueCat we then have no method of tying users together i.e. there appears to be no common identifier across the two systems for a given user. Additionally it doesn’t appear that promotion codes sync across the two platforms i.e. when viewing an individual customer in RC, I can’t see within their history if they have utilised a promo code.


Any advice appreciated or there’s a different way to solve this problem I’d appreciate any pointers. 

Thank you 

2 replies

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Hey @Saagar Bains ,

Unfortunately we don't have a way to differentiate promo code redemptions from normal purchases at the moment- this is an Apple limitation. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes!


Thanks @jazmine - that’s good to know. We could potentially work around this if there is a common user identifier between App store connect and RC? Do you know if there is one - we’ve looked but can’t seem to find one. We can find ‘Subscriber ID' in Apple reports but this doesn’t appear to sync to RC.