• 7 February 2024
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Sorry for the title (posted a bit too fast) but doesn’t seem to be editable. 

Hi guys! First time using RevenueCat, I’m having trouble to understand the Offering / Packages / Paywall concept. 

My use case is simple. I have two subscription level: pro and pro+ and each one can be subscribed to monthly or annually (pro is included into pro+). Pro+ allows a bit more features than pro.

So, I have two entitlements, pro and pro+ and 4 products (pro_monthly, pro_yearly, pro_plus_monthly and pro_plus_yearly).  

Now, I’d like to display this products in my application, so I’m configuring my default “Offering”. 

In this offering, I’m supposed to attach “Packages” composed of my “Products” but it seems I can only attach one product per package (the product is replaced as soon as I try to add another).

I’d like to display my products grouped by entitlement type (pro and pro+) but don’t understand how to do that. Am I supposed to group them myself in my application? 

Should I have one package = one product? I was expecting to have two packages “Pro” and “Pro+” with the corresponding products in it. 

The use case is common as it’s the usual plan page we can find on any SaaS product. 

I’m a bit confuse about all of this concepts to be honest.

Lastly, when I’m creating new products on RevenueCat, are they not automatically synchronized to the AppStore? Is there a process to sync them? I don’t see them appearing in my App Store Connect page.






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package refers to the same product across platforms (Apple, Google, etc.)

So you could have a pro-monthly package that is composed of pro-monthly-ios and pro-monthly-android products, for example.

To answer your question, you will want 4 packages, and if you want to group these visually as Pro/Pro+, you would need to do that in your app’s UI.


> Lastly, when I’m creating new products on RevenueCat, are they not automatically synchronized to the AppStore?

Correct, you will need to make the products in App Store Connect, then either import them or manually create them (make sure the product_ids match exactly) in RC. (Though Apple has an API for making products, so we plan to build RC products → ASC products some day.)


Thank you Ryan :)