Subscriptions status stuck in "Pending Binary Approval" on App Store Connect

  • 6 June 2024
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My App was approved in the Apple’s App Store Connect. But the Subscription page on App Store connect for this app is having status “Pending Binary Approval” since long time. Due to this reason, my App is available in the App Store but without Subscriptions. Users could download the app, but the Subscription options are not appearing due to this issue. It will be great if someonce from the community or support team could help me on this issue. Below is a screenshot from App Store Connect’s Subsciptions page for my App :


1 reply

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Hey @nikhil-6cff5b,

This is an issue in App Store Connect, it looks like they never approved your products. I recommend getting in touch with the App Review team or Apple developer support and asking them about this. Worst case is you will have to resubmit your app and products for review but don’t do that until you contact Apple just in case they can fix it for you.