Stuck on Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions blank page

  • 7 March 2022
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Hi there,


We're using `purchases_flutter: 3.9.5` in our Flutter app.


When I sent a Test Flight with our IAP implementation, all users get an iOS popup saying the `Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions have changed`, which upon pressing "ok" takes the user to a blank screen.



This state is so weird that revenue cat doesn't even return anything from the Purchase method. So by closing this blank screen the app just hangs on loading, waiting for Revenue Cat to return a response from the purchase method, which it never does.


Closing the app completely causes the Terms to Pop back up once again, but this time it loads, and upon pressing accept the iOS "successful purchase" pop up comes up. Any following purchases work as expected, without the terms.


All iOS beta users are facing this issue the first time they try to perform the purchase. Will this happen in the live app? Anyone know what to do here?



8 replies


We’re having the exact same issue when testing on TestFlight, an answer would be very helpful! 

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I’m having the same problem, testing TestFlight with a Sandbox user, worked but with a normal user don’t get stuck on the “Cannot Connect” screen, so far the only thing that I found is that if you kill the app on that screen for some reason the actual screen with the T&C show out of the blue, and you could Agree there, and them you open the app and continue your purchase from there. I don’t sure if this is going to happen to real user.


I’m seeing the same behavior. Not with Revenue Cat, but with a Unity game. I’m definitely concerned that if we release this build that our users will experience this issue.


If helpful at all, I found a few people facing the same issue here: It seems to be a wider Apple issue impacting normal users. 

We have found from our testing that it is possible to bypass this screen by closing the App and then it shows in the background, but it’s a little tricky and not something a normal user would figure out. 

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We’re seeing this issue in our Swift app. We’re using RevenueCat 4.0.0 with Swift Package Manager. All of our Testflight users are stuck with above T&C popup and not able to subscribe.


I’m not seeing any issues with other production apps using IAPs

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Just wanted to hop in here and make it clear that this behavior wouldn’t be caused by RevenueCat. I know it helps to know the source of the bug when building an app and in this case this looks like an iOS sandbox quirk. Personally it’s the first time I’ve ever seen this but I’ve been out of the TestFlight loop for a while now. Seems like Peter brought up a solid workaround (thanks Peter!)

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A bit late to the party here, but this is the exact issue we’re having. Did anyone find a solution? Would like to be able to test the “interrupted purchase” flow if a T&C dialog comes up for a regular user. Thanks.

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Should add that it works if I try and update my subscription directly from the device’s Settings > App Store > Manage screen, but it doesn’t work if I launch the subscription request within my app via RevenueCat.

I’m building in Unity. Latest iOS.