Stripe subscription was cancelled until the end of the billing period, and RevenueCat removed the entitlement

  • 23 September 2021
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Hi there!

We have been using RevenueCat for about a month now with great results. However, I discovered an issue that appears to be incorrect behavior, although chances are I am missing something on my end.

We have a recurring Stripe product registered in RevenueCat, and have connected the customer.subscription.updated webhook which are all sending successfully. Using the /receipts route we have associated and synced several hundred Stripe subscriptions which works well.

The issue is with one subscription that had been paid for (no free trial) that the customer cancelled earlier today. It was cancelled until the end of the billing period, so it still shows as Active in the Stripe dashboard, but it displays that it will be cancelled at the end of the billing period on Sept 14, 2022 (we have yearly plans). However, RevenueCat no longer shows the subscription or the granted entitlement when the customer is queried with the Get or Create Subscriber route. The RevenueCat dashboard shows the following:

As you can see the entitlement is gone with nothing in the History section. I can confirm the customer had an entitlement with 100% certainty since they came in to customer support with an issue a couple days ago and they had the entitlement synced to our system (otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to cancel) and I saw it on the RevenueCat dashboard as well.

It appears like this could be a Stripe webhook handling issue on your end? I can send more details like the Stripe webhook payload privately if that is helpful. Important to note that I found another customer who has cancelled their subscription through the same product and they did not lose their entitlement. I have also tried re-sending the Stripe webhook, but nothing changed. It has also been 6 hours since they cancelled as of this post.

Thanks for your support, love the product!



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Hey Christian,

We have sent this post into our ticketing system, where our Support team will handle your request.