Sandbox subscription timestamps are UTC but we're on BST in the UK

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Trying to test subscriptions here in the UK, I’m getting times that are an hour earlier than they should be.

Eg. in the below, “event_timestamp_ms: 1715095053830” is 3:17 pm UTC but it was purchased at 4:17 PM BST). This means that my test subscriptions have already expired as soon as I’ve bought them.

I’ve been testing and using this app on RevenueCat for many years now, I haven’t noticed this before?

Is this expected (i.e. do I need to write some test code to adjust the time)??


"app_id": "app4ba6172f87",

"app_user_id": "$RCAnonymousID:6e4c865677794230bf7135217c28374f",

"country_code": "GB",

"currency": "GBP",

"entitlement_ids": [




"environment": "SANDBOX",

“event_timestamp_ms": 1715095053830,

"expiration_at_ms": 1674173448000,

"is_family_share": false,

"new_product_id": "TPBDInNoMonthly",

"offer_code": null,

"presented_offering_context": null,

"presented_offering_id": null,

"price": 67.89584611756514,

"price_in_purchased_currency": 54.99,

"product_id": "TPBDIaYhAnnually",

"purchased_at_ms": 1674169848000,

"store": "APP_STORE",

"takehome_percentage": 0.7,

"transaction_id": "2000000254420713"



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That’s expected, and won’t break your subscriptions. The subscription will start at 3:17 UTC and expire at 3:22 UTC (assuming accelerated subscriptions in sandbox). So it will be available at 4:17–4:22 BST as expected. No need to handle any time changes yourself.

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Thanks Ryan. I was seeing 3:22 as you say but for some reason my device was comparing that to to BST (4:17) so saying the subscription had already expired. I’ll keep testing.