RevenueCat guidance on gift subscriptions for digital content?

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Does RevenueCat have any guidance on gift subscriptions for digital content for iOS / Android apps? It seems like it’s possible to do entitlements via the API, but I’m less clear on what Apple / Google’s policies are regarding gift subscriptions. 


For instance, is it possible to have a stand-alone Stripe page for a gifting user (User A) to make a gift purchase of a subscription… then my system would generate a code to send to the recipient (User B). Then, when the receiving user (User B) downloads the app on iOS / Android, my app could grant User B an entitlement (e.g. for the period of time User A has specified. I think this all technically seems possible, but it is allowed from the perspective of the App Store / Play Store? Any guidance is welcome. Thanks :)


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Hi, your suggested approach of using RevenueCat’s granted entitlements would be the way to do this. Apple doesn’t have an issue with our granted entitlements as these are independent of the App Store, so there shouldn’t be any problems doing this. In regards to App Store terms, you cannot provide a different system than in-app purchases for digital goods, but in this case our granted entitlements are independent of store subscriptions so it does not interfere. One thing to note is that you should make sure you don't promote your web subscriptions from inside your app. 

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Thanks so much for the thoughtful response! This makes me feel so much better. I didn’t want to do something off-menu and then get app store rejected. :)